Neel Patel UX Portfolio

About Me


During my time working in the scientific research industry for a few years, I had the chance to assist our laboratory owner in designing a website and mobile application for booking COVID-19 appointments. This experience made me realize that I yearned for a more imaginative environment, and I started exploring UX Design. By merging the methodical nature of science with the artistic abilities from my previous creative endeavors, I grew more passionate and skilled in the field of user experience.

My Journey into UX Design combined two of my passions into a single, clear goal of who I hope to be. During my high school and college years, I was always involved in creative spaces. I painted, learned music production, assisted in fashion shows, and much more. However, I always kept it separate from my professional interests. I was interested in science and medicine at a young age, and earned a degree in Biology. During the pandemic, I went to work for a COVID-19 testing clinic.